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Where to stay

We have a selection of places to stay in St Kitts & Nevis – and between us we have visited every property that we offer.

This in-depth and personal experience is how we’ll give you meaningful advice about what will suit you and your family best.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.

Inns and Plantation Houses…

The islands of St Kitts and Nevis are famed throughout the Caribbean for their collection of unique Plantation Houses. Our clients love these Plantations and so do we….

Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts

Belle Mont Farm is located on the slopes of Mount Liamuiga in the north of St Kitts and offers farm to table concept with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea

Golden Rock Inn, Nevis

Golden Rock Inn is spectacularly located on the verdant slopes of Nevis peak, the 100 acres of lush tropical gardens with far reaching sea views make this a fabulous place to stay

Montpelier Plantation, Nevis

The Montpelier Plantation nestles on lush hills in acres of spectacular tropical gardens. Fabulous food in 2 restaurants and regular rides to their private beach club. Lovely rooms and a very special place to stay


There are not many hotels on St Kitts and Nevis – that is one of the nice things about these two quiet islands. Here is our hotel selection – we have visited them all and will be happy to advise which one would be the ideal place for your holiday.


Oualie Beach Resort, Nevis

Oualie Beach sits on beautiful, sheltered sands – totally safe for swimming and ideal for the range of watersports available here. Good local atmosphere in the restaurant and bar – simple beachside rooms

Park Hyatt, St Kitts

Park Hyatt is a superb beachside hotel where everything is of the highest quality. A stunning setting, lovely rooms, a beautiful beach and fabulous restaurants. Absolute luxury in every way.

Sunset Reef, St Kitts

Perched on Palmetto Point on St Kitts, Sunset Reef is an intimate boutique hotel with just 7 suites all with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Timothy Beach Resort, St Kitts

Timothy Beach is a mid-size hotel sitting on the sands of Frigate Bay where there are beach bars and snack bars as well as plenty of watersports. The rooms are large and well-furnished – ideal for couples or families



Hamilton Beach, Nevis

A selection of comfortable one and two bedroom apartments located on the miles of beautiful golden sands of Pinney’s Beach

Two centre, or even three centre holidays

The Caribbean is not just one single place… it is a group of diverse and wonderfully contrasting  islands. So if you travel all the way to the Caribbean – why not take the opportunity to visit two or even three islands in the same holiday?

We can tailor-­make a trip which will enable you to do this – with simple, quick and comfortable connections between various destinations. Find out more on our Multi-centre holidays page.

Montpelier Plantation, Nevis
Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts