Special events

April 2019


Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays on St Kitts and Nevis. It’s a Caribbean tradition to fly kites on the first, with competitions and prizes for the best homemade versions.

31st March 2019 (Annual event)      

Nevis – St Kitts cross channel swim

The swim distance is 2.5miles (4km) from Oualie Beach on Nevis across the ‘Narrows’ to finish at Cockleshell Beach on St Kitts. The 2019 swim will be the 18th annual Bente Weber memorial swim and it continues to offer both a race and a challenge to open water swim enthusists and adventurers alike. They will take on the best open ocean swimmers in the region and the world.

April (Annual event)

Spice Fest

Spice Fest takes place at Spice Mill restaurant on Cockleshell Beach. An annual 3 night event featuring celebrity chefs, food, art and more.

April/May (Annual event)       

Nevis Blues Festival

Staged at night and located on the beach at Oualie Bay, Nevis Blues Festival has gained a fast-growing reputation for its magical setting and high standard of music. Each night international acts provide a spectrum of contemporary blues, soul and blues-rock supported by roots performers from the island.

7th June – 9th June 2019 (Annual event)                                        

St Kitts Golf Open

The St Kitts open is a two day, 36-hole individual stroke play tournament hosted by the Royal St Kitts Golf Club.

June  (Annual event)                                       

St Kitts Music Festival

The St. Kitts Music Festival is a festival of popular music held annually in June on the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts. The festival was originally called the Shak Shak Festival, and was first held in 1996. The music festival showcases a diverse assortment of international headliner

July (Annual event)                                       

Nevis Mango Food Festival

The Nevis Mango & Food Festival is a weekend of culinary enjoyment celebrating the mango and culinary excellence. It occupies four days of dining experiences, cooking demonstrations and master cook-along classes conducted by international and local celebrity chefs as well as a mango beach celebration on Nevis’ most famous beach.

July / August (Annual event)                                        

Nevis Culturama Festival

Nevis’ premier festival is a unique celebration of the most significant milestone in their history – the emancipation of slaves in the 1830s. It is a 12-day focus on all aspects of Nevisian arts and culture.

16th November 2018 – 5th January 2019 (Annual event)                                  

St Kitts & Nevis National Carnival  ‘Sugar Mas’ 

The St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival, otherwise known as Sugar Mas, is a unique Caribbean carnival. It takes place annually between Christmas and New Year and is the only Caribbean carnival to blend the spirit of Christmas into the festivities. The island is taken over with the carnival fever, colourful costumes, displays, partygoers and with many activities to be enjoyed throughout the duration of the carnival, it will be an experience to remember.



St Kitts & Nevis Public Holidays 2019

01 January 2019        New Years Day

02 January 2019       Carnival Holiday

19 April 2019            Good Friday

22 April 2019             Easter Day

06 May 2019              Labour Day

10 June 2019             Whit Monday

05 August 2019          Emancipation Day

06 August 2019          Culturama

16 September 2019     National Heroes Day

19 September 2019     Independence Day

25 December 2019       Christmas Day

26 December 2019      Boxing Day